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Bicycle Ride

Miriam Wade recently won a writing contest we held among our current authors/poets only. It was for our upcoming children's book, Tales of Many: Book Two. Here is the poem she won with!

Bicycle Ride

Miriam Wade

Pedaling with the wind in my hair,

Ridin' higher and higher without a care.

My two wheels keep me floating on air

From the moments of joy that I share.

Twisting turns, taking hills,

Mustering every bit of my will.

I'm cruising with a smile so wide

Free as a bird with nowhere to hide.

My bike takes me far and near

Exploring places with no fear.

Keep an eye out for this book in the near future for more delightful stories for kids. We are aiming to publish it this November.

Miriam Wade is a Minnesota native who writes young adult fantasy, adventure, and urban fantasy driven by resilient young women, filled with twisty plots, and garnished with a hint of romance. She loves coffee, playing video games, and riding her bicycle. When she is not writing, she enjoys spending time with her husband, their two young daughters, and their cat. Wade is the author of the award-winning steampunk Arthurian inspired series, One Sword Saga, and a featured poet in The Heights We'll Fly To anthology. Follow her on Instagram at

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