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Our Authors

Anne J. Hill

Anne J. Hill is an author who enjoys writing fantasy for all ages. Her love of words has also led to her career as an editor and content writer. She runs Twenty Hills Publishing with the help of her circus-performing best friend, Lara E. Madden. She spends her days dreaming up fantastical realms, researching ways to get away with murder…for book research, arguing over commas at the kitchen table, talking out loud to the characters in her head while also promising her housemate that she isn't, in fact, crazy, and rearranging her personal library, which has been affectionately dubbed the “Book Dungeon.” 


Instagram @anne.j.hill.editing

Twitter @AnneJHillAuthor

Anthology Authors/Poets

AJ Skelly

AJ Skelly is an author, blogger, and lover of all things fantasy, medieval, and fairy-tale-romance. And werewolves. An avid reader and a former high school English teacher, she lives with her husband, children, and many imaginary friends who often find their way into her stories. They all drink copious amounts of tea together and stay up reading far later than they should.


 Instagram @a.j.skelly

More authors to be added soon
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