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Anne J. Hill Editing


"I’m thrilled to have found Anne J. Hill! She is a wonderful lady and editor. She’s flexible and thorough. I highly recommend her if you are looking for an editor."

-Esther Wallace, Author of The Black Phantom Chronicles 

"I wrote a middle grade book as a gift for my son and nephew during Camp NaNoWriMo in 2020. The boys thought it was a fun story, but I knew it was a little rough around the edges. Anne  completed a line edit for me, and helped me make every sentence shine."

-Lesley Ann Barklay, Author of Space Explorer

“If you need an editor, check out Anne J. Hill! I loved her insight and feedback on my short stories. She was thorough and caught things I’d never thought of before. Whether it was developmental edits, addressing grammar, sentence structure, or punctuation, she 100% made my stories stronger.”

-Emily Barnett, Author in What Darkness Fears

“Anne J. Hill was so easy to work with. She took my vision for the story and really helped me achieve it. She’s as supportive as she is critical, and I really felt like she cared about the piece she was editing.”

-Nathaniel Luscombe, Author of The Planets We Become

“Excellent, in-depth editing of my short story, Nightfall, for the What Darkness Fears anthology. Easy to work with, and found all the errors that I missed!”

-D. A. Randall

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