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Jess Brady

"When I say 'salutations,' it's just my fancy way of saying hello…” 

E.B. White, Charlotte's Web 


Salutations! My name is Jess! I'm a Christian, wife, and mom surrounded by four-legged critters, books, & plants. I own a dog-grooming business, battle weeds in the garden, read eclectically, discuss theology over coffee, cook with my toddler, and sporadically write fantastical stories. My goal for 2023 is to write consistently and finally complete a novel-length first draft. Current projects include a YA archeology adventure and MG portal fantasy with dragons.   


Until a few years ago, I didn't appreciate the beauty and power of reading short stories. Writing them was certainly a low priority. I’ve since learned that crafting flash fiction helps me push through writing slumps and gives me the practice I desperately need! In May of this year, I took a chance and submitted a steampunk flash fiction piece for a Twenty Hills Publishing contest on Instagram. I was elated when I found out it will be included in the 2024 Though We Bleed Anthology! This will be my first published work. If I can overcome my tendency to procrastinate, hopefully it won’t be the last!   


I would love to connect with you on IG @jess.literarylife or  







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